Public Domain eBooks and eAudio

Public Domain eBooks and eAudio
Free eBooks and eAudio books in the Public Domain.

In addition to our OverDrive service, there are some sites that offer public domain eBooks and eAudio. Although they have no new releases like OverDrive, these sites offer many older books that may not be in our collection. If you are looking for an electronic version of a classic, give one of these sites a try.


eAudio Books

  • Books should be free is a visually appealing and user friendly site of public domain audio books organized by genre and available in .mp3 and iTunes format. Each listing has an audio preview and a summary, listener reviews where available, and links to the corresponding e-books.
  • Librivox is an extensive repository of public domain audio books in .mp3 format. Volunteers narrate the books. Check reviews for feedback.
  • Openculture is a great resource that provides free university courses, language classes, audio books, and e-books. Books are largely classics that are in the public domain. Formats vary, including .mp3 and iTunes.
  • Podiobooks provides free audio books in .mp3 format. Podiobooks is serialized — you choose at what intervals you want to have book sections delivered. Entries are self-submitted and often read by the authors. Books are categorized by genre. They include summary blurbs and feedback on audio, narration, writing, and overall quality.
  • Storynory is an audio book/e-book site for children. It includes fairy tales, classics, a few original stories, and educational stories. Available in .mp3 and iTunes format.

Foreign language audio books: