Make a donation

A Regular or One-Time Gift of Money

Monetary gifts to the library are placed in special accounts and can be used only for library collections, programs and services. All gifts are tax deductible and qualify for the Idaho Public Library Contribution Tax Credit.

Unrestricted Gift
Your gift will help the library improve and expand its collections and support new and continuing program for literacy and life-long learning.
Restricted Gift
You choose a specific purpose and location for your gift. For example, you may designate the purchase of large-print books for your local branch library or choose children's titles for Main Library.
Memorial/Honorary Gift
You may choose to remember a special person or celebrate a special occasion with your gift. If designated, a bookplate will be added to each new book to recognize the person or event. A letter acknowledging your gift will be sent to the honoree or to the family of the person memorialized.

A Major Financial Gift

Choose a project from the Library Director’s "Wish List" or work with Director on a suggestion you may have for gifts of $2500 or more.

Bequests: "Leave a Legacy"

You may designate the library in your will as a beneficiary for the transfer of assets such as cash, securities, real property, art or other valuable personal property.

Including the Library in your will is simple, even if one has already been created for you. Make changes to your will by executing an amendment called a "codicil." Your regular attorney or a qualified attorney who specializes in estate planning should draft both your will and codicil.

Your will or codicil should refer to: Ada County Free Library District "Ada Community Library," a not-for-profit charitable organization presently headquartered in Boise, Idaho (Tax I.D. # 82-0417814). Your attorney will know just the right language to use. All persons are advised to seek independent legal advice with regard to wills and individual circumstances.

Bequests that are specifically directed to permanent endowment, special programs, or our branch libraries are welcome, but unrestricted bequests allow the Library’s Trustees to apply the gift where the need is greatest.

Planned giving can be tailored to your unique circumstances and provide long-term support to the Library, while saving you surprising amounts in estate, gift, and income taxes. Naming the Library as a beneficiary of your retirement plan assets, such as an IRA, or your life insurance policy, may also provide tax savings and help protect your assets.

If you do decide to designate the Ada Community Library in your will, or have already made that designation, we would be pleased to know about it and to express our thanks to you.